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Obtaining Permission and Materials

Thank you very much for your interest in our surveys. We grant free permission to use the surveys for one year to anyone who agrees to use them in not-for-profit work involving fewer than 250 matches. Please fill out the survey request form to receive permission, copies of the surveys, and related materials.

If you would like permission to use the instruments with more matches, for multiple years, or in for-profit work, please contact ARC directly.

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Survey Request Form

In order to receive permission to use the surveys and related materials, we ask that you please complete a request form. Click the button below to open it in a new window. When the form is complete, you will be redirected to a page where you will find all of the materials you need to administer and score the surveys.

Open Request Form

NOTE: We are working to make it easier to access the surveys by automating responses to survey requests. If you have trouble with the form or cannot access the downloads page, please contact ARC directly.

Please Share Data!

We hope you will consider sharing data you collect during your work with the surveys. Data collected with the surveys, demographic data, and programmatic descriptors are keys to our ongoing efforts to improve the instruments. Data that has been shared with us so far has helped us make the surveys more useful in a number of ways:


We have revised our scoring of the YMS to reflect factoring that applies more usefully across programs.


We now know that scales from both surveys predict variations match length and a variety of outcomes.


We are closer to being ready to release norms for both surveys.


We are working to develop shorter versions of the surveys, with beta versions planned for release in 2013.

In addition to survey and demographic data, any outcome data you can share will allow us to assess how well scales and items predict outcomes. That will inform our efforts to replace or remove items that are not useful enough. (That's right, more data will help us shorten the surveys!) If you are among those who have done so in the past, thank you for helping us provide the best possible instruments!

Why Require Yearly Permission?

We make the YMS and the MCQ freely available because we want them to be as helpful as possible. We require permission requests because it helps us track how they are being used, and how widely. It also provides us with a way of following up with programs and researchers to share updated materials and request shared data that will allow us to improve and norm the surveys. Finally, yearly renewal of the permission helps ensure that those who use our surveys will stay in contact with us and, hopefully, partner with ARC in work to promote effective mentoring! You can renew permission at any time by completing a new request form, or change it by contacting ARC directly.


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