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Effective mentoring can make a huge difference in children's lives. Applied Research Consulting (ARC) advances effective mentoring. ARC's expert consultants offer comprehensive support for mentoring outcome evaluation and mentoring program development, with worthwhile options for any budget.

ARC bridges the gap between research and practice to help mentoring programs make stronger matches and demonstrate the outcomes they produce. Please email or call to find out what ARC can do for you.

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ARC offers a range of services to suit any budget:


Entry- to Mid-level Program Evaluation: ARC's applied research approach helps programs improve services and compete for funds. For as little as $500, ARC can help your program assess match quality. Larger evaluations can yield meaningful insight on developmental or academic outcomes.


University of Pennsylvania-Affiliated ResearchARC works with Dr. Michael Nakkula, of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, for ARC's most rigorous research. Our most recent research, presented at the SRA conference in Washington, D.C., highlighted the relationship between match characteristics and academic outcomes.


Mentoring Surveys: The Match Characteristics Questionnaire (MCQ) and the Youth Mentoring Survey (YMS) are among the strongest and most comprehensive match quality surveys available. They measure internal match quality (between the youth/adult), external match quality (other influences on the match), the match activities focus.


Design & Development:  ARC helps mentoring programs make stronger matches that last longer. ARC partners with Kathleen Murphy, President and CEO of Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters, to provide outstanding program design and development support reflecting three decades of experience and leadership in mentoring.


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